Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Teacher Appreciation Week


    The 草榴社区app Unified School District proudly celebrates teachers throughout Teacher Appreciation Week (May 3-7, 2021). On behalf of the RUSD Board of Education and Superintendent Dr. Cuauhtémoc Avila, we proudly thank our dedicated teachers for your immeasurable service to our students and 草榴社区app families. We value and appreciate your compassion throughout Bridge Academy. Despite the challenges of this past year and a half, it is because of your innovative thinking, adaptability, and continued commitment to improving student lives, that our District has continued to thrive. 

    We would like for you to meet a few of the RUSD faces of excellence. These teachers (see full list below) were nominated  by each of our 29 principals, as their site’s “Teacher of Year.” We also congratulate Ms. Noelle Krieder, from Dollahan Elementary School, who was selected as the RUSD “Teacher of the Year.” Ms. Kreider, along with RUSD’s “Classified Employee of the Year,” will be honored at a future RUSD school board meeting. More information will be shared toward the end of the school year.

    We thank ALL of our dedicated teachers for providing our students with a rigorous education through compassion and kindness.


    Teacher of the Year Nominees

    Mr. Jeffery Saks

    Bemis Elementary School

    Mrs. Vera Hammar 

    Boyd Elementary School

    Mrs. Karen Weaver 

    Casey Elementary School

    Mrs. Shirley McAllister-Chen

    Curtis Elementary School

    Ms. Noelle Kreider 

    Dollahan Elementary School

    Ms. Rachel Kavalle 

    Dunn Elementary School

    Ms. Ilia Willison

    Fitzgerald Elementary School

    Ms. Melissa Perkins

    Garcia Elementary School

    Mrs. Sarah Matlock 

    Henry Elementary School

    Ms. Deanna Avila 

    Hughbanks Elementary School

    Ms. Judy Nava

    Kelley Elementary School

    Mrs. Kimberly Ciabattini 

    Kordyak Elementary School

    Mrs. Julius Magee 

    Morgan Elementary School

    Mr. Jose Guerra

    Morris Elementary School

    Mrs. Kathleen Schilreff 

    Myers Elementary School

    Mrs. Deidre Blancarte

    Preston Elementary School 

    Ms. Belma Pera

    Simpson Elementary School

    Mrs. Sandra Chovan 

    Trapp Elementary School

    Mrs. Grace Monge

    Werner Elementary School

    Mrs. Danya Sanders-hester

    Early Education, assigned to Myers State Preschool

    Mrs. Stacey Camps

    Frisbie Middle School 

    Mrs. Tamara Carlson 

    Jehue Middle School 

    Mr. “H”

    Kolb Middle School

    Mrs. Melissa Sullinger 

    Kucera Middle School

    Mr. Daniel Martinez

    草榴社区app Middle School 

    Ms. Christina Lucero 

    Carter High School

    Mrs. Sarah Troubaugh

    Eisenhower High School

    Mr. Jeffery Whisman

    Milor High School

    Mrs. Liliana Casarrubias

    草榴社区app High School